Open source is awesome for boosting your productivity. However, taking code written by others, often with little to no vetting of its security pedigree, can put your application at risk. Snyk enables you to find, and more importantly fix known vulnerabilities in your open source. And it’s built by the best developers and security researchers in the space. For more information visit 

Contrast Security

Contrast Security, is a bold new secure technology platform that transforms application security by making software self-protecting. Intelligent Contrast agents are injected into the code, instrumenting applications with thousands of smart, agile sensors that detect and correct vulnerabilities before deployment, and protect the software applications in operation.


Containers aren’t just another IT environment to secure. To StackRox, containers are a vehicle for establishing fundamentally better security across the entire enterprise. Our breakthroughs in visibility, adaptive protection, and automation exemplify that. For more information visit


Hdiv Security, a pioneer enabling application self-protection since 2008, is the first product in its class offering protection against Security Bugs and Business Logic Flaws throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Hdiv Security’s unified platform makes DevSecOps a reality. Hdiv’s solutions (RASP & IAST) are currently used by Government, Banking, Aerospace and Fortune 500 companies. For more information visit


IriusRisk is the industry’s leading threat modeling solution in Application Security. It empowers enterprise organisations to ensure applications have security built into the design – using its powerful threat modeling platform. Its approach results in improved speed to market, collaboration across security and development teams, and the avoidance of costly security design flaws.

IriusRisk is extremely flexible to accommodate any development or workflow process. It is highly customisable by our accredited partners who ensure our customers receive full value and consistent success in Secure Application Development.

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