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Fantastic Vulnerabilities and Where To Find Them

Attacking & defending against Server-side Request Forgeries, Cryptographic Flaws, Server-side Template Injections & more!

Attacking and Defending Kubernetes

we45’s first webinar of 2020! We take you through a deep dive into attacking and defending Kubernetes Clusters.

Security For OAuth : How To Handle Protected Data

OAuth is one of the most successful authorization protocols on the Internet. Learn security for the OAuth 2.0 framework.

Docker Security and Orchestration for DevSecOps

Learn best practices to ensure
Docker security and orchestration for a successful DevSecOps implementation.

Ideating Security Checkpoints in Rapid Engineering

Learn how to develop a plan of action to keep software secure in an agile environment that can be readily adopted by engineering teams.

AppSec Testing on Steroids (Features of OWASP ZAP)

A live demonstration of the possibilities that ZAP API and scripting brings for development and engineering teams alike.

AppSecCali 2019: An Attacker's View of Serverless and GraphQL Apps

Featuring live demonstrations of practical attacks and attack possibilities against Serverless and GraphQL applications

AppSecCali 2018 - Robots with Pentest Recipes

Learn how to create security testing recipes, right from baseline AppSec testing to pre-deployment infrastructure vulnerability assessments.

AppSecEU 2016 - SecDevOps: A View from the Trenches

Abhay Bhargav speaks about SecDevOps, how it works in a traditional development environment, and why you should do it, too.


This training is a hard-core hands-on view of Kubernetes Security from an Attack and Defense perspective. The course takes the participants through a journey where they start with setting up a Kubernetes cluster (simulating an on-prem Kubernetes) deployment, attack the cluster and learn, through multiple deep-dive examples and cookbooks on how they can effectively secure Kubernetes clusters..

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