Application development today is fraught with challenges like speed, scalability and quality which have relegated security to a post development consideration. Today, Application Security Testing (AST) is performed only in the final stages of the SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) which is expensive, disruptive and inefficient.

”Public data on application security vulnerabilities shows that well-known types of vulnerabilities, many of which Application Security Testing (AST) can readily detect, are still commonly found in modern application design and code”.

– Gartner, How to Integrate Application Security Testing Intvo a Software Development Life Cycle, Michael Isbitski & Ramon Krikken, 26 December 2018

DevSecOps Toolchain

Today’s DevOps environments demand a low distraction security model which is integrated with product development. we45 helps product teams build an application security tooling framework that enables the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities within the development phase and ensure fewer security vulnerabilities in production. At the crux of this framework lies:

Aglie Threat Modeling

Identify and prioritise critical data/workflow in every release by drawing on users and abuser stories.

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