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Code Review

Whether mandated by compliance or undertaken proactively by product teams a secure code review adds immense value to the security of your application. we45 believes static analysis of source code must be the first step in Application Security Testing. However most often product teams do not have the expertise to perform these reviews in-house.

we45’s methodology leverages an optimum usage of automated and manual techniques to ensure coverage and depth without sacrificing speed. We conduct tabletop reviews to identify critical sections of the code and usage of third party libraries. Our python based custom code crawlers identify specific patterns of insecure code, increasing the relevance in alignment with application’s threat profiles.

The we45 difference

Code Review In Agile

Our strength lies in our inclusion of automation in our assessment methodologies. An integral aspect of our pioneering experience in DevSecOps has been in helping customers integrate open source and commercial SAST platforms as part of the product’s agile lifecycle.

Fierce Observations

Our security experts have reviewed thousands of lines of code across various tech-stacks – legacy and new age alike. Our core expertise in application security fundamentals combined with a threat-model based approach enables us to uncover issues arising due to insecure design and coding practices.

Table-Top Reviews

Our code review processes involve a code walkthrough session which we use to gauge the overall understanding of security practices among your developers and architects. This brings tremendous value as a holistic process to your application security code review.

we45 offers a range of code review services with varying depths to suit the business
risk of your applications


Automated analysis of source code through prominent open source/commercial tools.


Automated analysis of source code through prominent open source/commercial tools with advanced rule sets defined by we45.


Best of automated code analysis supplemented by manual inspection of source code for deep seated logic flaws like insecure implementation of authorization or insecure storage of sensitive information.

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