Case Studies

AppSec automation. Security regression. Vulnerability correlation. Some of the biggest universities, government institutions and technology companies have transformed their security practice by choosing we45.

Security Automation for the Cloud

We automated security for Credit Saison’s microservices-based cloud stack on AWS, bringing security up to speed with development.

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From PCI Certification to Full-Blown Automation

Automation and security regression solved Travel Tripper’s biggest AppSec problems and solving all their compliance issues.

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How we secured a Cloud Native app-stack for a Custom Software Development firm

Our client specialises in software development solutions and tech incubation.

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Ticketing & Event
Hosting Platforms

Our client is a leading ticket aggregator and event hosting platform. Their services handle bookings and tickets for movies, live shows, sports tournaments, and corporate-oriented talks

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Technology Solutions Companies

Employees were losing interest in corporate security training. Here’s how we45’s unique approach turned the situation around.

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Training Public University Systems

Most AppSec programs weren’t working for this university. we45 offered tailored security training that helped them build life-saving healthcare apps.

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Want to know how to embrace security regression as part of Product Development?