Automation Scripts & Robot Libraries

At we45, we take AppSec automation seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we’ve written our very own Automation Scripts and Robot Framework Libraries for all of you to download for free! Whether you’re a penetration tester who wants to automate the mundane parts of testing, or you’re looking to speed up application scans with a particular tool, we’ve got you covered.
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OWASP ZAP Robot Library

Integrates with OWASP ZAP through its API. Use this library to create powerful test cases, and merge E2E test cases written with SeleniumLibrary or any other Robot Library to perform automated web app security scans.

NMAP Robot Library

Use this library to include vulnerability and port scanning as part of the continuous delivery pipe. Alternatively, use it to individually code-up a set of functions that perform automatic reconnaissance of apps.

Arachni Robot Scripting Library

Use this library to perform authenticated security scans along with functional automation scripts. Using the Arachni REST APIs, you can specify parameters like URL, proxy port and appropriate path to the Arachni REST server. Extract the results back in JSON format and integrated with a correlation engine to inspect it further.

BurpSuite Robot Library

Use this library to perform an authenticated scan on applications. The Robot Framework contacts the BurpSuite extender written in Jython to perform functionalities all the way from initiating a scan all the way to extracting reports.

dirs3arch Robot Library

A Python-based library for dirs3arch which allows penetration testers to automate their hosted environment reconnaissance and help QA teams include security test case scenarios as part of their automation framework.

Automation Scripts for Penetration Testers

These scripts can be configured depending on the attack type, such as fuzzing parameters, brute-forcing passwords, or cycling through page identifiers. 

Scripts provided in the repository: Payload automation (4 scripts) and  3 in 1 reconnaissance script

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