Security Testing

A “one size fits all” testing model, never works for Application Security. Our contextual threat modeling approach ensures that we tailor our tests to every application we test,

It’s not hard to find someone to test your apps for security. What is hard to find is someone with the expertise to do it right. Who can deliver on the promise of a fully customisable AppSec solution.

If you’re wondering what that looks like, here it is:

Fortifying Your Apps From the Inside Out

We take a tour of your application, while simultaneously trying to break all the locks. Our testing process follows a ‘grey-box’ approach, where we simulate a real-world attack where the attacker already has some amount of internal access to your app.

We use proven methodologies like STRIDE and VAST to Threat Model your app. Depending on which works best in your specific case, we develop a sophisticated model with typical User and Abuser Stories, which help us formulate Attack Models and individual Security Test Cases which we systematically check for.

In this phase, we’re like scientists in a lab, closely studying your app in order to understand how it works and how different vulnerabilities affect it. Once we map out the attack surface, we’ll be able to exploit it from every possible angle.

We use a combination of manual penetration testing and automated security scans to pinpoint vulnerabilities and weak points in your app. We’re looking for a complete picture of your application’s security anatomy, all the way from design to deployment.

We maximise your AppSec efficiency by developing automation scripts and test cases specifically for your apps. When you stick with us for multiple iterations of assessment, these time savings add up to make a huge difference. 

Here’s where it all comes together. We give you an in-depth view of your security posture, detailed metrics on each vulnerability, and a wealth of metadata. Our automated reporting process gives you more time to look at what really matters: the security risk to your apps, and the impact it will have on your business.

Once your development team begins fixing the vulnerabilities, we conduct a comprehensive verification process. We give you a certificate of assessment as well as a detailed report with total transparency into our testing process, start to finish.

Choose What Suits You Best

Security Testing
Exhaustive audit of your security posture. Meet compliance needs with ease.
Security Testing + Regression
Comprehensive protection for current and future builds, designed for your workflow.

AppSec testing with a view. Ensure that your apps aren’t just secure now, but for subsequent releases, too. Our security regression solution takes care of that for you.

Security Testing + Regression + Automation
Sit back, relax, and let us build you a custom framework that delivers security at Agile pace.

The whole shabang. Our automation practices are at the bleeding edge of security, bringing you AppSec that keeps up with your rapid pace of development without breaking a sweat.

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Travel Tripper (now Pegasus) is an all-in-one provider of websites, booking technology, and digital marketing for hotels. Their e-commerce solutions help hotels worldwide to generate demand, optimise conversions, and maximise revenue. They’ve been providing cutting-edge digital and cloud-based technologies for the hospitality industry for the past 15 years.

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Credit Saison is a Japanese financial services company founded in 1951. They are the third largest credit card issuer in Japan, with over 20 millions cardholders in Japan alone. As part of their initiative to expand into Asia, they set up Credit Saison India in 2019 to offer services and financing to SMEs and consumers in India.

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